When I first heard that the founder of Nasty Gal (my favorite website to partake in virtual window shopping) was publishing a book, I couldn’t wait to read it. Sophia Amoruso begins her autobiography, #GIRLBOSS with an unabashed timeline of her mishaps; born in San Diego in 1984, she went from the life of a sassy petty thief who couldn’t hold down a job (a phenomenon she calls “job promiscuity”) to the life of a sassy CEO for a business that is today worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

I never intended to be a role model, but there are parts of my story,

and the lessons I’ve learned from it, that I want to share.

#GIRLBOSS is peppered with perfect advice that is worthy to be followed by any of the up-and-coming young women in this modern day. Amoruso instructs readers on a plethora of subjects: how to manage money (“money looks better in the bank than on your feet”); how to ask for a raise; how to communicate effectively in relationships, both personal and professional; how to make a resume stand out; how to succeed at something you love.

Who cares if a tree falls in a forest and no one hears it?

The tree still falls. If you believe that what you’re doing will have positive results,

it will – even if it’s not immediately obvious.

Not only does Amoruso tell an awe-inspiring story, she tells it well. Her details are concise. Her descriptions are on point. For example, she paints a picture of her assistant for readers: “She had impeccable taste and an iconic look: a rail-thin beauty with a mane of dark hair pouring over steep cheekbones.” She also throws humor in all the right places all the places, even where it may not be appropriate; Amoruso’s humor is what keeps #GIRLBOSS from being a dry book about business and personal development to a must-read-and-can’t-put-down book about directing yourself to a path of success.

Amoruso’s philosophy lies in the fact that success doesn’t just happen. Success isn’t just given to people from some almighty entity that decides who is going to be rich and who is not. Success is something that has to be worked towards without pause. Is there something that you want? Do something about it. Go for it. Demand it and make it happen.


Illustrations by Jo Ratcliffe for #GIRLBOSS via Nasty Gal Blog.