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A few weeks ago, I visited Mont Saint-Michel, which is a monastery built in 700 AD on a rock in the ocean. Seriously. It was built a little over a half a mile away from the coast in northwestern France. Back in the 8th century, it was only accessible by foot during low tide – which was a great defense mechanism because as soon as a tide came in, assailants would be drowned or swept away.

This is what it looks like from Google Earth:

google maps

Mont Saint-Michel was built by the bishop of Avranches, St. Auburt, who had recurring dreams that the Archangel Michael told him to build a church. St. Auburt kept ignoring these instructions until the Archangel touched his skull and burnt a hole in it (ouch). After its construction, Mont Saint-Michel was a site for religious pilgrimages, where people would make the trek from around France as a testament of their faith.

mont saint michel collage



Mont Saint-Michel reminded me so much of Harry Potter at times that I swear some scenes from the movies were filmed there. I did a lot of Google research on the matter which did not show that this place was ever a film site; however, that does not delineate from the magical appeal of this place.



mont st michel collage 3




st michel collage 2

There are also abbeys that run throughout the fortress which date back to the 11th century. It was nice to walk around and explore, although the storefronts are touristy and way overpriced – I spent €4,50 on just a bottle of water. Bring your own water bottle and pack your own lunch if you’re looking for ways to save money.





If you ask the French what their most important landmarks are, they will most likely name the Eiffel Tower and Mont Saint-Michel. Mont Saint-Michel is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and attracts more than 3 millions visitors a year. This place is a good dose of 8th century history and I strongly recommend making the visit if you find yourself in northern France.