We arrived in Innsbruck, Austria very late at night, so I went straight to sleep as soon as I arrived at the hotel. When I woke up, the unexpected view out of my window was breathtaking: there were mountains and colorful buildings in every direction. Coming from France, where everything is made of stone-gray concrete, I felt like I stepped into some sort of technicolor dream world.


This is the Golden Roof, made with over 2,700 copper tiles, and is one of the most notable landmarks in the city. It looks was built for the Emperor Maximilian to sit and enjoy events in the city center.



Innsbruck is also a city that is renowned for winter sports – it has hosted the Winter Olympics, twice – so many of the shops cater to skiwear and sports gear. It was (as you could probably guess) pretty cold outside. Every restaurant had ample outdoor patio seating and on each of the chairs was a blanket for the customer to wrap themselves up with. This restaurant had thick furs on every seat.


Of the places that we stopped into, the Imperial Palace may have been my favorite. It was lavishly decorated, but unfortunately we weren’t allowed to take pictures. I managed to snap these two in secret.






I wish I could say more about Innsbruck. We were only in this beautiful city for a few hours so we stuck to the city center. I wish I could have explored more, but it’s on my list of European cities that I will definitely return to.