Greetings from the midwest!

The past week has involved:
– final exams
– my birthday!
– packing up all of my suitcases
– spotlessly cleaning my apartment
– a 14 hour flight from Paris, France, to Chicago, Illinois.

I’m currently spending a few days with my brother in Fort Wayne, Indiana, before we drive down to my hometown in San Antonio, Texas.

I’m very sad to have left Europe, the time I spent there went by too fast. Here are my top ten favorite thing during my travels:

1. Seeing Niagara Falls from my airplane window before I had a layover in Toronto.


I know, this picture is awful, but I only had a second to snap it. Though I didn’t get to see Niagara Falls up close, I still got a glimpse of how huge it is, even from 10,000 feet in the air

2. Collecting foreign currency.


Foreign currency makes American money seem so drab and boring, doesn’t it? From the left: the Euro, Canadian bills, a Swiss Franc, a British pound, and Czech koruna.

3. Spending time with my parents in Europe.


Finding the origins of the Kopp family in Hopfau, Germany with my dad and seeing the Lion sculpture in Lucerne, Switzerland with my mom.

4. Spending so much time in Paris and being unashamed of doing the really touristy things.


Hanging out at the Louvre, adoring the Eiffel Tower, putting a lock on the love lock bridge, and finding Jim Morrison’s grave in the Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

5. Riding the train through the European countryside and reading when I wasn’t staring out the window.


I am going to miss how cheap and easy it was travel around Europe by train.

6. Visiting the beach in France.


It was so fun to see the Atlantic ocean from the other side of the world!

7. Riding the double decker bus in London.


Everybody does it, too, not just tourists.

8. Seeing Salvador Dali’s (nearly) complete collection in Prague.


9. Going to the farmer’s market every Saturday.


I am going to miss getting my weekly groceries from the friendly local vendors at the farmer’s market in Angers.

10. Keeping a journal.


In here I pasted all of my ticket stubs, train tickets, business cards, and other little oddities so that I’ll remember this trip forever.

I loved all the time I spent traveling, and I’m sad that it’s over. I have so many pictures to sort through and so much more to write, so stay updated with my blog through Facebook and Twitter!